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King Of Merac Sakrileg
Next War 09-22-2019 19:00
King Of Dratan CircusGrande
Next War 09-28-2019 19:00

Fixed a Guardian System Bug

Added Pirate Cover
Fixed the ErrorLog at the Master Tower
Fixed Knight Blindness Immunity
Improved Client Performance

Removed Phoenix Ticket from the Cash Shop
Added Warehouse Ticket (30 Days)
Increased size of the ID field from the Dungeon Ranking
Increased Dungeon Monster amount from 180 to 200
Increased Size of the Siege Details Window
You can delete P1 Pets now
Increased Archer Deadline Damage
Veteran Skill Books are now tradeable and stashable
You can now delete and stash the Affinity Medal
Fixed Elementalist and Specialist Passive Skill
Added Cast options to the level 99 and 108 Night Shadow Hood
Improved Server Performance

Increased P1 Pet movespeed from 15 to 20
Increased minimum level to drop PvP Token form 90 to 120
Fixed some Strings
Added a New Dungeon to the Game
You have to drop a New Dungeon Ticket #1 (it can be dropped everywhere except in the Dungeon itself)
You accept the Quest get teleportet to the New Dungeon and have to kill every Monster that exists
After that you can go back to Juno and Finish the Quest and your Time will be saved in a Ranking
You are able to do the Dungeon 3 Times a day
In the Dungeon is a Boss that is able to drop a new Box called Passive Skillbookbox it contains Skillbooks for new Passive Skills for every Class
skillbookboxnew passive skill
The Ranking gets refreshed weekly and the Top 5 Players of each Class get Rewarded with Special Items

Added Abyss Anchor 30 Days
Removed the Party Messages that appeared since the last Update
Fixed P1 Pet Buffs at Level 11/12
Removed the Wedding Part at Dungeon Keeper of Randol

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